Andreas Sandlund
Andreas Sandlund is a musician, producer, songwriter and artist living in Stockholm, Sweden. As a musician he has worked with some of the most well known artists in Sweden, on concerts or on records. He has also recorded and released three solo albums and the music from these have spread throughout the world and have for example been heard on radio in the UK and the US.

Two records have been released by a label in South Korea and the music has sold over 50000 downloads there so far. In 2013 a licensing deal with another label in Asia also was made with regards to a single.
The same single was also for example included on a compilation released in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and it got on the top sales chart for albums there. As a songwriter Andreas has also written for other projects than for himself solely, for example through a collaboration with the publisher major Warner Chappell.
In the summer of 2013 he was abroad, more specifically on the island of Corsica, where he performed alongside a few others on a hotel for one and a half months, and something that also could be mentioned was a single released for charity at the end of that was written and also produced by Andreas,also including the well known artist Carola, a household name in Sweden.
Andreas have a big experience in performing and doing concerts, both at smaller venues as well as in front of thousands, he has done national TV-gigs as a musician several times, and done concerts both in Sweden as well as abroad.
Now in 2015 Andreas will do some performing and various projects are being planned, for example later in the year Andreas will release his first Christmas album, also including various guests.


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