Boots On
Boots On's members are known for their work in radio and television, so it's not surprising that there is already a buzz in Sweden surrounding them. Members include Chris Andersen on lead guitar and vocals ("Idol" – Tv4) and Anton Körberg on drums (Rockklassiker radio host and several TV productions).

Boots On fills the gap between country and rock. After appearing at the Sweden Rock Festival as well as opening for Alice Cooper in Stockholm, they are set to release their debut EP on Spotify and iTunes March 31. Two live tracks from Sweden Rock Festival 2015 are already released on Spotify and have received over 5,000 plays in just a few days.

"It feels like our kind of music is needed out there. We have even received a great response from the Nashville music community which is awesome and very much appreciated. I think 2016 is going to be an exciting year", says drummer Anton Körberg.


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