Dale Watts

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Are you looking for entertainment?
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Dales repertoire of nearly 1000 songs reflects the influences of growing up in the 60’s and 70’s.

Starting his professional career in the early 80’s, in the South Florida club scene, Dale has established himself, performing regularly in towns and cities through-out Scandinavia and Norhtern Europe.

With this expirence and excellent variety of songs from the 50’s up through today’s contemperary hits, Dale develops a rapport with audiences of diverse ages and styles, insuring a good time for all.

Dale can be seen on youtube.com, just type Dale Watts into the search, theres 2 clips from a Sunday nite at the Dubliner, in Stockholm.



2017-05-19NorrtäljeLittle Dublin
2017-05-20NorrtäljeLittle Dublin
2017-06-09NorrtäljeLittle Dublin
2017-06-10NorrtäljeLittle Dublin
2017-08-25NorrtäljeLittle Dublin
2017-08-26NorrtäljeLittle Dublin
2017-09-22NorrtäljeLittle Dublin
2017-09-23NorrtäljeLittle Dublin

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