Flavored Feel
Flavored Feel a garagerock band from Sweden with roots from the golden year of 70's rock.

Flavored Feel is the new band with the old history from Sweden. To try to find out where the band Flavored Feel comes from, and what they really have been up to through the years, is to try to pursue prehistoric genealogy.
Flavored Feel was formed in the spring of 2012 when Matte and Joakim Rosén from the blues band "Mississippi saxophone", wanted to play some real and loud rock n roll. Matte called the guitar player Pelle Kruse whom he played with in the garage rock band "The Shoutless", in the middle of the 80´s. Kruse, who after 30 years, regains contact with his old squire Ron Ljungvall from the pre punk band "Jävliga Tider" and "Splitter", steady entrenched in the Boogie Island rock scene of Lidingö Sweden from the 70´s, were asked if he wanted to play bass, and so the set for Stockholm's newest rattle & rock collective was good to go.

During fall of 2012 the band has begin to show up in various places of rock scenes in Stockholm. December 2012, the band even debuts on a record with the cd-single "Show me the way", January 2013, the second single "Goddess Womb" was released. January 2014, the band changed guitar player and the man, the myth and the legend, Sebbe Öström joined Flavored Feel.

Matte Rosén, drums.
Jocke Rosén, vocals and harmonica.
Sebbe Öström, guitar.
Ron Ljungvall, bass.


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