Martin Rolinski
It's not everyday that a 29 year old civil engineer and new father, leaves a job as a project leader in one of Sweden's biggest telecom companies in order to grab a mic and climb onto the stage. But for Martin this isn't anything unusual. He has already been the lead singer in one of Sweden's biggest selling bands during the 2000's, toured around the world, participated in a variety of huge TV shows and released 5 albums.

This is not the story about how Martin Rolinski has finally found his home. Martin is not the type who does anything he doesn't feel comfortable with or believe in to 100 %. During the years fronting BWO he gained an enormous amount of knowledge and experience, which he brings to bear as he now debuts as a solo artist! Martin Rolinski goes solo and does Martin Rolinski, plain and simple.

The first single – "Blame It On A Decent Matter" – was released on 7 September. Martin has co-written the song with Bobby Ljunggren and Marcos Ubeda. The three of them have one aim clearly in common – to write fantastic hit songs!
So far they've done a great job!


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