Ryan B
The band was formed in autumn 2007 when five men got together in Kokkola to play. Their repertory consisted of about ten songs. Already after the first rehearsal everyone wanted to continue playing together. Patrik Hansell and Robert Lillrank met for the first time in 2004 in Kotkamaa, Kokkola. When they met again some years later at a department store in Kokkola they discussed, while doing their shopping, the possibility of starting a band. Robert knew a drummer who also might be interested in joining the band.

Patrik called the drummer, Peter Storbacka, who showed interest and further contacted two guitar players. One of them was Tomas Kankkonen. Now it looked like the band could become a reality.

At this time the band played songs by, for example, U2, Bryan Adams, the Eagles and Bon Jovi. In the beginning of 2008 it became clear that Peter, Robert, Tomas och Patrik were the ones who could go on with this project. Now they had difficulty finding another guitar player. Some joined the band's rehearsals to give it a try but couldn't, for different reasons, put in the time and effort needed.

In the summer of 2008 the band made the decision to play only Bryan Adams covers. They felt it suited the band best. In the autumn, Tomas brought a guitar player, Michael Bjolin, along to rehearsals. Michael was interested in becoming the fifth member of the band and by that, the band was finally formed.

Different names for the band were now being discussed until Patrik's wife suggested the name RyanB. The rest of the band accepted the name and in January 2009 RyanB made its debut at a school social with an audience of about 60 people.


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