Sthlm Cowboys
It all started back in 1975 when i was hanging out with a friend at he's place and he were playing some Deep purple stuff on the record player. I was thirteen years old and something about Richie Blackmore's guitar sound really caught my attention.

It kind of sounded like a violin to me, but in a much more exiting and rockin´ way, I was hypnotized. Even today when i listen to his guitar playing/sound from that period of time, Mr Blackmore has got my attention.

Well i purchased my first electric guitar witch i paid like fifty bucks for. It was a no name hardly playable guitar but now i had my own electric guitar. A year later in 1976 i was in my first band. We where playing 50´s & 60´s rock n roll and Hank Marvin (The Shadows) had become one of my biggest influences.

In 1977 i had become a proud owner of a 1976 Fender Stratocaster. That same strat was later on in 1998 stolen. I was touring with many different bands from the period 1977-1982 when i in 1982 twenty years old, hooked up with Swedish old time rock legend Little Gerhard. That was a turning point in my career. The guy had been around and where making hit records already back in 1959. I learned a lot from him. He´s still around howlin´& screamin´, good bless you!

In 1984 i started my first own band, that was a three piece power rock trio named Snapshots. Later on we added a horn section to the band and were playin´songs like "Purple haze" and stuff, which was kinda´ wild for the time being with that kind of set up.

I didn´t really know what path to take on and soon i was caught up touring with other bands again. In 1989 i joined the Swedish rocker Magnus Uggla. He had been using the band Strix Q as his tour band since many years and they needed an extra guitar slinger and I was in. The band went on a "big time" tour in Sweden.

From 1990-2001 i toured all over Sweden with a lot of cool ass Swedish rockers.
Eddie Medusa was a living legend in Sweden and a lot of fun to rock with. We did some unforgettable tours together. He sadly passed away much too early in 2002.
You're in my heart.

Lennart Grahn (Shanes), Billy Bremner (Rockpile) and Magnus Lindberg are some other cool cats that i did ride shotgun to. Later on in 2005 i did a tour (between touring with STHLM COWBOYS) with the Swedish rock icon Pugh Rogefeldt, Magic!!!

In 1998 i hooked up with Peter Jezewski (The Boppers) and in 2001 we went to Nashville TN to cut some tracks for his new album. That really changed everything.
It took a long time to figure out what me and my guitar really was about but in Nashville all the pieces fell into place.

When i hit ground back in Stockholm again some three weeks later i had it all figured out.

STHLM COWBOYS was a rolling stone…


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