Summoned Tide
"Summoned Tide is one of the hottest newcomers from northern Sweden on the metal scene."
We will conquer the world! BUT ARE YOU READY FOR US??
Humble – No more!!

Their own description about them self
In the year of 2004, a band called Summoned Tide washed ashore, and a new-season-epic metal band was born. From the northern woods of Sweden they came...bla bla bla. 
Enough of this fancy intro, Summoned Tide consists of 5 members and our music style varies from progressive metal/ rock to erotic nature beats. Our goal is to spread our music all over the entire world/ universe...and to play at oversized stadiums of course!

Hard facts:
Started 2004 with this constellation
Rickard Thelin Vocal / Lead Guitar
Jennifer Sikström Vocal / Bass
Nicklas Åström Drums
Mikael Thelin 2nd Guitar
Jimi Toivanen Synth / Piano


I samarbete med:

United Stage, Live Nation, 2Entertain, Blixten & Co, MLP m.fl.