The Original Trouble Boys
The Original Trouble Boys were the brainchild of world-renowned songwriter/singer, session player and Rockpile guitarist Billy Bremner, Ducks Deluxe and Tyla Gang frontman and writer, Sean Tyla and the saxophonist and founder of Sweden's premier rock and roll band, The Refreshments, Micke Finell.

They then managed to persuade Sweden's No.1 power house rhythm section, drumming legend, Ingemar Dunker and bass maestro, Tommy Cassemar to join the outfit.

This isn't a one-off project but a true 'super-group' venture which all members are totally committed to.

Veterans of many silver and gold studio albums and tours of the world between them, the Trouble Boys are a class act by any standards and a whole lot of trouble when it come to rocking your socks off!

Get checked out by your doctor before you go to see them. They're loud and they're nasty - they are the Trouble Boys.


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