The Red Fuze
The Red Fuze is a garage rock and blues band from Sweden consisting of Randy Wild (Vocals) and Raimond Raio Geezer (Guitar) who had not met in person or even looked each other up on other social media until after they released their first self-titled EP "The Red Fuze."
Taking a unique approach to how bands are usually formed, the two members got together through a band finder site online. At the time they both lived in different parts of Sweden.

-We didn't want to form a picture of the other person through social medias. Thank God for that, 'cause the music is so pure and we must be the only band in the world that made an EP, written, recorded and released without having a clue how any of us looked like.

There is an air of rebellion to the sound of Swedish rockers The Red Fuze, a devilry which gives their songs a great unruly and feisty character with the passion of the sixties/seventies and the tenacious hunger and enterprise of the now.

-Well, Randy is the eccentric one and Raimond the calm one. We are our opposites. Like ying and yang, and that is a good thing. We are both very productive and hard working dudes. We really believe in hard work and never giving up will pay off in the long run. There's no shortcuts.
Randy - the spirit, the electric mountain, the wild child.
Raimond - the rock, the foundation, the solid one.
We complete each other and our differences makes our unique sound. We are different but still our passion, fire and mindset towards our goal in music is very much the same.

The Red Fuze has currently released two EPs, the latest being their 2015 effort "Bazooka Circus." It is heavily influenced by 60s and 70s rock and garage with an emphasis on the old school approach of analog production.

-We're always working on new ideas and looking for different ways to reach out to the crowd while we're doing the thing we love the most: Playing good music! In the end it's all about having fun and we belive that's something people can hear in our music and enjoy.


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