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Yes, my origin is the Afro-Puerto Rican part of Bronx, which says nothing other than the fact that one can correctly assume I was inundated with the most authentic, unadulterated, undiluted soul, jazz and gospel with lavish garnishing of salsa. The South Bronx was an epicenter of some of the greatest eruptions of music in the modern world. Suffice it to say the stuff runs through my veins.

When I take to the stage, I step into another dimension - a twilight zone - as if another person has entered my body and taken over, fixated on the primary goal - to deliver a performance those in attendance will never forget. As the saying goes, "You're only as good as your last show," my intentions are always to go beyond the last show, always reaching higher and higher.

I must confess, I didn't start out as a certified, card-carrying singer (although there was always a song coming from my lips). I was busy: elite athlete, photographer, film/stage actor (even a role in Blade), radio jock, voiceover/announcer, journalist et al. All the while, a singer waited - not so quietly - in the wings for the signal to take it to the stage.

At last, the die was cast and the dream began taking form. Singing has been the pinnacle among all my callings. I am the spirit responding to life's voice calling me - of all people - to the stage. How humbling to arrive at the realization that the music created in my larynx has the quality to touch another person. At times, it feels like that embarrassing moment when you've reached nirvana, only to look up and realize the whole world had been watching every nuance of your very personal and intimate expression. I humbly accept this calling.

Recently, I traveled to Los Angeles to record songs with renowned producer, Kashif and his arranger Sandy Stein. Kashif has also been instrumental in steering my musical and professional direction. What About Thursday is a beautiful, sensual ballad and one of the first songs I'd ever penned. We also recorded a make-over of Luther Vandross' Never Too Much.

How shall I categorize my musical style when it incorporates influences from all around the block? I guess the one that carries the most weight is jazz singer - crooner ... who will never give up the funk.