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The seed that would soon become ASCEND was planted in late 2008 when Jonnie Stödberg (Drums), Robin Niklasson (Bass) and Dennis Ingmarsson (Guitar) packed up and left a band they've previously been in for a few years. The trio started writing songs while searching the entire Stockholm area for a singer and a lead guitarist to complete the lineup. It took them a little bit more than a year filled with numerous auditions and trials before they finally made contact with Martin Lunnegård (Guitar) and Robert Bengtsson (Vocals) in early 2010. At this point the band was known as My Burning Beloved but the bandmembers agreed that the name didn't fit the music nor the feel of the band and thus ASCEND was born.

In late summer of 2010 ASCEND entered "Land of Sleep Studios", in Stockholm suburb Nynäshamn, to record their debut EP. The band recorded three tracks over the course of a week and laid down vocals on two older tracks that where later scratched because the band felt they where outdated. This EP, simply refered to as "EP 2010", recieved great feedback from the music community and earned ASCEND a great kickstart of their career by being played on national radiostation P3. This also earned ASCEND a nomination in Swedish award show "Manifestgalan" as the best unsigned act 2010. At this time the band started to gig around Stockholm and during a period of six months ASCEND averaged two gigs a month around the Stockholm area, a few of them being on coveted stages such as Fryshuset, Debaser Slussen and Debaser Medis. The band finished this period in their career by playing the "Ljungarocken"-festival, arranged by Swedish Takida, in northern Sweden.

After Ljungarocken ASCEND started to make preparations to enter the studio once again. The band chose "Gennert Music" for this session and recorded six tracks over a period of two weeks. This EP was named "When All Hope Fades" and was also mastered at well-known mastering studio "Cutting Room". Upon release the EP quickly generated more success for ASCEND by getting regular air-play on national rockstation "Bandit Rock" as well as getting a good review in Swedish gentleman-magazine "Slitz". The EP also saw the band earn their first gig on foreign soil by landing a support slot for Metallica tribute act "Nutellica" in Osnabrück, Germany in early 2012. In late January 2012 the band once again took to the stage at famous venue Fryshuset, Stockholm before headlining a show at Backstage Rockbar in Trollhättan the following evening.

Just as the band where preparing to shift into yet another gear with marketing and promotion, Robert decided to leave the band in June of 2012. For the first time in almost two years ASCEND was once again forced to search for a new singer.

Ozz Holz (ex. One Arm Short) got the part as new vocalist.
The band is now creating new material for a forthcoming release.