David Atenas

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David Atenas
Maintaining roots in the Seattle sound of the 80s-90s, this new set includes songs that go from the 70s to the present, focusing on classic American rock reintroduced in the unique style of Atenas and played to the sound of his Martin. Atenas combines original songs in both English and Spanish while easily adapting to any suggestions and any need. He is currently performing in Sweden and Spain.

Atenas recorded his first album in 2000 called ¿Dónde debemos buscar? (Where should we search?) with Llul, one of his first bands. The album was an amalgamation of hard rock, alternative, and funk with an air of metal and was produced by Carlos Escobedo and Alberto Seara (singer and technician of Sôber and Savia). After his start Atenas has had a vibrant career playing with multiple groups, releasing a total of 4 albums.

Atenas has played with Dover, La Cabra Mecánica, Las Niñas, SKA-P, Ilegales, Los Deltonos, Alis, and Nacho Vegas among other greats at that time; sometimes performing with his band Neumática and many times as a solo artist under his original name, David Rubio.

One major highlight during this time was when his band, Estrellas Pintadas De Azul, was named best group of the year (2005), according to Mondo Sonoro magazine.

In 2009 he attracted the attention of Universal Music Publishing Spain and was rapidly signed to a contract for three studio albums, releasing his first official solo LP, "La flor se hace bosque".

In 2013, to broaden his horizons outside of Spain, he decided to move to Stockholm, where he currently resides. In 2022, he reinvented himself yet again, rebelling against the music trends of the moment to produce raw, simplified sound using only his Martin, his voice, and his lyrics. During a time where “art” and “sound” is circumscribed by the latest cutting-edge technology and audiovisual production, where only 4 chords and a laptop are enough to filter and mask the authentic. As so the insurgent inspiration for Crudología (Raw-ology) appears as his latest album. In connection with Crudología Atenas has decided to go back to the basics transforming his live set with only his voice and acoustic guitar.