Bad Taste (Sweden)

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Bad Taste (Sweden)
2016 Bad Taste started at an afterwork when Håkan Abrahamsson (guitar), Robert Borinius (guitar) and Robban Alhagen (vocals) talked about jamming together. Colleague Robin Gunnarsson (drums) also joined the jam session. Håkan's old musical friend Martin Petterson (bass) was also involved in the project.

2017 Bad Taste started a page on Facebook, where it was flooded with members who wanted to hear the band.

2018 Mattias ” Ritzie” Ritzen replaces Robban A. on vocals, and the band records their 1st album, (Bad Taste) which was well received.
After a number of appreciated gigs in the hometown, the band's 2nd album is recorded, (We do whatever we want) and the band gets more attention in Östergötland after live broadcast with Interview and gig in Fredagshiten, Sweden Radio P4.

2019 Martin has to stop playing due to health reasons, and is replaced by Niclas ”Nikkesan” Gröndahl on bass. A couple of gigs are done with the new set.

2020 the band's 3rd album will be recorded. (#3) After the recording, Robin (drums) announces that his time is not enough for the band, and in agreement with the other members, he leaves the band.
Successor will be Patrik Hellstrand.

2021 Robban B (guitar) also leaves the band due to lack of time. The new guitarist then becomes Nikkesan ”SiXtring”, who hands over the bass to new member Benny ”Thunder” Nilsson with a warm hand. With the new lineup, recording of the 4th album begins.

2022 Bad Taste releases their 4th album
(A Fist In Your Face) recorded in own studio Chop Creek Studio. An album in the same spirit as the 1st:
Fast and short melodies. No fuss!

2023 Played Future Echoes Norrköping.

Appreciated and significant songs: Gasoline And Rock'n'roll, Drinking From My Grave, Chain Reaction, My Love, Plastic


Vocal - Mattias ”Ritzie” Ritzen
Guitar - Håkan Abrahamsson
Guitar - Niclas ”SiXtring” Gröndahl
Bass - Benny ”Thunder” Nilsson
Drums - Patrik Hellstrand