Cesar Heinebäck
DJ Cesar started his career at the age of 16, working at some minor Nightclubs in south of Sweden. The interest and inspiration from dance music made his choice as working as a Dj very easy.

Dj Cesar has been rocking dance floors in the best clubs all over Sweden, UK, Spain, Denmark , Finland Austria and Norway and some major Cruise ships. His considerable experience in nightlife, fashion, clubevents and music influences the way he approaches his crowd.

Dj Cesar's superb technical mixing skills and extensive music collection continues to keep him in demand. His musical formats in Genre range from classic dance anthems, house to progressive, trance, R&B to reggaeton mixed with own personal mix edits and bootlegs.

Dj Cesar has long mastered the invaluable skill of reading dance floors and selecting tracks that are both appropriate for the given event and crowd which accomplish his greatest gol, to keep the floor dancing.

I samarbete med:

United Stage, Live Nation, 2Entertain, Blixten & Co, MLP m.fl.