David Joséph

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David Joséph
David Joseph is from the exotic country of Haiti and has lived in Sweden for almost 15 years. He trained at the Ballet Academy in Stockholm in dance and has worked extensively as a professional dancer and participated in various events, musicals and tours in Sweden and abroad. In addition to Sweden, he has also lived in London, Turkey and Spain. He currently works as an artist at the Stockholm City Theatre.

He has always been fascinated by the song as much as dance and had a dream of himself as artist in focus. He has taken a lot of singing lessons and practicing diligently almost every day.

One day he was invited to a studio in Vasastan of Swedish rap artist Ayesha where he met a music producer named Chris Ljung aka "theLight" Chris Ljung is known to have been included in the Swedish euro cult group Flexx in the mid-90s with Kajsa Mellgren which then was replaced with Laila Bagge.

Chris himself is a multi-talented and is doing everything possible in art and music. David had very good contact with Chris and decided to afford productions from his own pocket. Irresistible is the debut single, but this is just the beginning of a long association.