Dubplate Connection

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Dubplate Connection
Dubplate Connection started out in G-Daddys smoke filled kitchen one late night about five yers ago. For some reason mr G stored a very old Fender amp and bass in there, maybe that´s what made Linus come up with the now classic phrase :TEACH ME HOW TO PLAY THE BASS! Five seconds later the jam was on (Mad man Blues). The kitchen sessions went on several months until the girl next door hit the door bell: you guys really rock, but i can´t take it anymore, i can´t hear my tv ! Fuck it, we need some drums anyway!

Armed whith a Ludwig kit, one 8 channel reel to reel recorder, some cheap mics, DPC moves down town. Countless recording sessions are taking up most of DPC´s time, but some gigs is coming up, Who´s gonna play the drums? Fuck it, we use Dubplates with only the drum beat, then we play over it! (a Dubplate is a vinyl record printed in one copy) Said and done! The lineup for the first gig was G-Daddy on Guitar/Vox (and drums on the Dubplate) Linus/Bass and turntable.

This is the lineup the first year (mostly with Dj Dake operating the 1200hundreds). DPC´s first LP Plays and sings the Blues hit the streets in late 2008 on Dubplate Records. In 2009 DPC played the legendary Deep Blues Festival in Minneapolis USA (with Freddan Broberg on Drums). In 2010 DPC did a bunch of acoustic gigs as The Dubplate Connection Street Revue. DPC also recorded a second Lp, now with Hubbe8Ball on Drums (yet to be released). in 2011
Dubplate records plans to release both the Connection and the street Revue.Stay tuned.