Dun Aengus
Footstompin´Irish Pub Music and Songs in the spirit of The Dubliners among others


Love to have you back!
Dun Aengus played an incredible set of Irish Ballads, many of which I hadn't heard in years. Their audience a mix of young and not so young totally enjoyed their performance and by the end of the night were yelling out for more. The guys were a pleasure to deal with and I would recommend Dun Aengus knowing that they will appeal to a broad audience of Irish music aficionados. Can't wait to have them play again at The Pillar House on their next Irish tour.
Kathryn Gibbons, Pillar House, Ballinasloe Co Galway, IRELAND, 2015-07-04

Best band we've ever had on St Patrick's!
Jim Martin, McGuire's Irish Pub, Pensacola Fl, USA 2010-03-17

Absolutely brilliant!
Ed Kenehan, Monroe's Live, Galway, IRELAND 2015-07-02

Fantastic traditional group that had the bar rocking!
Dun Aengus Band gave us a terrific weekend in Alice's Bar Ostan Oilean Acla, Achill Island in July. We welcome them back anytime to Achill.....Untill the next time..
Cathal McLoughlin, Alice's Bar, Óstán Oileán Acla, IRELAND 2015-07-11

Shockingly good!!
Great harmonies!
Jason Foyle, Foyle´s Hotel, Clifden Co. Galway, IRELAND 2016-06-02

Dun Aengus; Irish Music and Revelry
The first time I ran into the Irish music duo Dun Aengus was at McGuire’s Irish Pub in Pensacola, Florida in March 2010. It was the last night of the Renaissance Faire and a handful of us met up at the pub for a drink. They were a great band that night, playing a lot of the classic Irish drinking songs I’ve grown to love. I would have gone up to the pub to see them again but they were on tour and leaving for south Florida the next day.
I caught up with them again this past St. Patrick’s Day, once again at McGuire’s. They were rocking the house with popular Irish and Scottish tunes and a few popular American classics for good measure. Just like last year, Dun Aengus had the crowd enraptured, gathered on the floor in front of the stage dancing with wild abandon to these classic sing-alongs. The Irish was certainly high that night.
Hailing from Sweden, Dun Aengus consists of Peter Andersson on banjo and vocals, and Martin Rahmberg on acoustic guitar and vocals. Martin’s gruff singing style contributes a real rootsy “beer and tobacco” quality while Peter’s smoother harmonies and verses compliment and broaden the sound. Peter’s banjo leads also carry the melodies that distinctly bring out the Celtic quality of the music. Their repertoire includes such classics as “Whiskey in the Jar,” “The Wild Rover,” and “All For Me Grog.”
Dun Aengus is an excellent Irish music duo worthy of some support. I’ll be keeping track of them so I can catch them again next time they‘re in town.
Jay Moody, Pensacola, Florida, USA 2011-03-21

Dalgety Bay Folk Club
Dun Aengus, 'Martin and Peter' played 3 x 45 minute sets for us to rapturous applause. Martin and Peter are talented musicians with an uncanny likeness to members of 'the Dubliners'. Superb banjo and guitar playing accompanied by their fine voices turned a folk night into a great night with encouraging feedback from the audience leaving a genuine thirst for more! A night of great Irish and Scotish music and song with a few Swedish tunes thrown in was a recipe for success from the start. We are all looking forward to seeing them again.
Colin S Hay, Fife, SCOTLAND, UK, 2014-02-08
Chairman, Dalgety Bay Folk Club

These guys are good!
Declan Crean, Scholars Lounge, Rome, ITALY, 2012-01-09

Our guest still talking about it!!
You two are very welcome anytime.. ;-)
Thomas Muff, Muffis Nachtrestaurant, Sarnen, SWITZERLAND, 2014-04-05

Celtic Music Magazine
Listening to the duo of Peter Andersson and Martin Rahmberg is a heartwarming experience that will make you smile from ear to ear. Dun Aengus plays Irish and Scottish traditional tunes, appealing to those who enjoy well-played songs from the good old days. There is a sense of joy in the music that isn’t always easy to feel in other bands–you just know these guys love what they are doing. It shows. There’s a sense of enthusiasm that I believe sets bands apart in this genre unlike any other–and it is either present or it is absent.
Catherine L. Tully, Celtic Music Magazine

I would like to thank you for your professionality!
You were really professional on the stage and with us and with the service as well. You did a really great concert. All the people there appreciate the concert. You are really great!
Diana Guidotti, Open Air Monte Carasso, SWITZERLAND, 2014-06-13

... och så här säger några av våra svenska arrangörer:

"Det var en fantastiskt trevlig kväll och många (alla + några till) vill höra er igen. Bergborna har inte slutat prata om pubkvällen än."
Elisabeth Nordlander, Bergs Bygdegård, Skövde

"Jag ville bara framföra mitt och alla gästers stora tack till er för en makalös kväll i Folkets hus pub. Ni var helt outstanding och jag hoppas verkligen att vi ska få anledning att locka hit er fler gånger."
Knut Hävemark, Folkets Hus, Blomstermåla

"Vill bara meddela att huset är fullt nu, utan en affisch! Kan det bero på förra årets succe?"
Anette Ewertsson, Bellö Samhällsförening, Eksjö

"...Mat, måltidsdricka och ett par fantastiska killar i Dun Aengus. Vi som var där sist vet hur bra dom var!"
Birgitta Malmberg Dahlbäck, Holma-Baltak Samhällsförening, Madängsholm

"Irländsk musik från västkusten gick verkligen hem hos publiken, där duons glädje på scenen och deras musik smittade av sig snabbt. Vi fick höra en rik repertoar av den irländska musikskatten och även några skotska guldkorn slank med. En fantastisk och oförglömlig kväll med andra ord!"
Nicke Grozdanovski, Åfors Folkets Husförening, Emmaboda

"Tack för en fantastisk kväll på Hofsnäs. Vi skulle gärna redan nu vilja boka er för nästa år:) alla som var där var så nöjda med musiken och maten:)"
Ida & Danne, Hofsnäs Herrgård, Länghem, Borås

"Drygt 70 personer kom till den irländska pubaftonen i Medborgarhuset. Ingen gick hem besviken. Dun Aengus svarade för suverän underhållning."
Jonas Andersson, Alekuriren, Alafors

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