Funky Divas
Annie Kratz-Gutå, sing and song writer, has participated in Melodifestivalen 2001 and Eurovision 2009, both as an artist and as a songwriter. Her records together with the finnish group, Waldo’s People, have sold Gold. She has been on tour with both E-Type, Dr Alban and Electric Boys. Annie has also done studio work and is the voice behind many big artists, like Patrik Isaksson, Arja Saijonmaa and Fläskkvartetten.

Dreamell (Producer and DJ) got into music in 1998 as a DJ, and has been producing since 2014. She has released songs that has climbed high on lists like Swedish Dance Charts, Deejayworx and iTunes Top 100 Dance Charts. Her tunes has been played at radiostations in several countries. She has had collabs with Funkstar De Luxe, one of the songs has been aired on Swedish National Radio and the other remix of his Million Miles, has got great reviews. The song Loving You with Max C behind the mike (released Jan 2019) has been on the North American Dance Chart for 11 weeks and now we have high hopes for this next release, Hooked feat Annie Kratz- Gutå

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