Id: 8984


Hi-jump 4 Way Salto trampoline from Maxi Fun in great condition

Location: Färjestaden, Öland, Sweden
Asking price: 145.000 SEK
Manufacturer: Maxi Fun, www.maxi-fun.com

Description: This all aluminum unit is in great conditions with many extras such as extra engines, bungee cords, purpose built trailer and jumping trampolines. For full details, see below. Everything you need to run for a minimum of two seasons is included.
Item list:
1 pcs Main aluminum structure with everything needed
1 pcs Control unit for all 4 four engines/winches with optional timer support
18 pcs Harneses in sizes Small, Medium, Large
4 pcs Aluminum trampolines
4 pcs Trampoline mats purchased June 2008 (13.000 SEK)
4 pcs Spare trampoline mats (2005)
6 pcs Maxi-Fun engines/winches, deluxe version
2 pcs Maxi-Fun spare part engines/winches
8 pcs Unused bungee cord full sets
8 pcs Bungee cord full sets used one season
1 pcs Purpose built trailer for easy transportation with standard car
Hundreds extra bungee cords for repair, exchange etc.
All the ropes, clasps, sprints etc needed.
Installation and demonstration of setup and operation

Engines and control unit Custom trailor