LecheBurre Band

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LecheBurre Band
Donkey-milk to the people!" is LecheBurre's message when they loudly enter the stage.

Their music is a healthy kick of energy making the boundaries between people and cultures magically disappear. It's impossible to stand still listening to the sub cultural expression from Gothenburg: the Latinflow, as they call their music.

LecheBurre (donkey-milk) is a well mixed milkshake of rhythms and styles, above all from Latin America but with a holistic perspective where theatre and poetry interacts.

Band members:

Jorge Alcaide:
Vocals, Cuatro of Venezuela and various Guitars.

Geronimo Valdes:
Vocals, Guiro and Djembe.

Luis Muoz:
Flute, Saxophone, Choirs and Peruvian Charangon.

Patho Galvèz:
Bass and Choirs.

Boye Strothmann:

Michael Andersson:
Congas and Bongos drums.

David Sperling:
Accordion and Choirs.