Mercedesz Csampai

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Mercedesz Csampai
I have been interested in theater and music since my childhood. Both my parents are musicians: father violinist and mother opera singer.

I graduated from the Music Junior Academy called Lilla Akademien as pianist and violinist. I play piano-15 years, violin-12 years.Recorder as well. Now I am studying the 2 nd year at the "Performing Arts School" in Gothenburg to become a professional artist /singer,musical artist, actress. Have a contract with the Dröse and Norberg Entertainment in Sweden. I speak several languages fluently: English, Swedish, Russian, Hungarian.

My mother tongue is Russian, fathers - Hungarian, had French and Italian as an extra languages at the Academy. I ve spoken English and Swedish since I was 3,5 years old. Recently studied and performed Shakespeare in London.

Sports: I went to a circus school -aerial silk, did cheerleading, karate, wushu, free diving. I love horses and I have been doing horseback riding at Swartling ridschool. I enjoy slalom and waterskii