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Monoscream was formed in early 2007 in Stockholm, Sweden. The first year was spend on searching for the right band members and recording the first demo.

After the great response following the release of the EP "Reborn" (produced by Degradead), Monoscream kept working on new material, the music evolved and songs got more complex and heavy.

In spring 2010 the band went down to Gothenburg, Sweden
to start recording their debut album "REDEMPTION" together with producer Svein Jensen at Grand Recordings, Gothenburg (M.A.N, Hide The Knives, Sister Sin) and Göran Finnberg at Mastering Studio (In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Opeth, The Haunted). The sound that came out of the studio was mind-blowing. The result was the CD Redemption and was released through Dead Tree Music and Rambo Music.

Monoscream is determined to always deliver in their recordings, whether it's a demo or a full length album, the work behind it is always enormous. On stage the band is known to be energetic and professional leaving the crowd and arrangers with a smile. During the years of playing gigs around Sweden, the band gained experience of being on stage and is shown with a professional act and sound.