New Silver Girl
My first contact with rock’n’roll was in Rauma, somewhere in the 90’s. Youth discos were playing europop. The streets were dead. The local ice hockey club offered a pastime for some. An old city hydroelectric plant however gave shelter and a way to salvation.

Dick Dale, Hellacopters, Hypnomen, Laika and the Cosmonauts and Lou Reed were the music of the older boys and girls. I followed along.

Along with the new Millennium the town of Rauma was left behind, but rock stayed. I moved to Helsinki, bought a guitar and after years of wandering through the rock clubs of the city New Silver Girl was born.

New Silver Girl

Olli: Lead Vocals/Guitar
Mikael: Guitar/Keyboards
Petteri: Bass
Lauri: Drums/Backing vocals

I samarbete med:

United Stage, Live Nation, 2Entertain, Blixten & Co, MLP m.fl.