Our Untold Story

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Our Untold Story
Local Stockholm band drawing influences from genres ranging from Rock and metal to funk, jazz and blues. Heavy bass lines, strong beats and interesting lyrics. Keep your eyes peeled for upcomming tracks and shows!

Our untold Story is the phoenix rising from the ashes from a medely of earlier projects.

Xander and Oscar met in high school where they formed skate punk band "The Upkeeps" and played together in the original line up for 3 years before Xander moved to the UK to study Music Tech and Media. Oscar now studies at Stockhoms music college: Kulturama.

Johan began his music career as the bassist in loc
al Stockholm metal band "Skr8". He met Xander through a mutual friend and they began to jam and write songs together drawing from influences such as metalica and Black sabbath.

The band was now a lovely little trio, but Xander bless him, can only play about 4 chords on guitar and write simple melodies for the rest of the band to build on and expand into the songs you guys finally get to hear. So we needed a guitarist.. Johan and Xander had previously had the idea of asking friend Mamud to jam, so the natural thought was get him to join the band. With his blues and jazz background and technical finger work he was sure to add a delicious spice to the mix and give us the sound we were after.

This is the dawning of Our Untold Story...