Id: 13457

Heavy blues rock / stoner rock with lyrics that revolve around the broad perspectives on reality.
The debut EP is scheduled for release in June 2013.

Ozeanzice was founded in early 2011 by Olle Hansson and Lenny Latchman who had previously played in other constellations.
After the band had tried various bassists they finally were joined by Jakob Riis in September 2012.
The band is now a trio, but there are plans to expand to a quartet in the near future.

With the name, Ozeanzice, the band wants to identify themselves and the music they play.
Most of it is about one's own reality, about how people feel, the lyrics are very philosophical in questions about what reality is and could be, and the questioning of the perception of reality.

The music is heavy and rocking, yet very airy. Ozeanzice have strong influences from bands like Clutch and Down and a lot more.