The band known as Preach is a testament to why Swedish metal is held in such high regard throughout the world. With their straight forward riffs, melodic hooks and in-your-face vocals they deliver metal as it's supposed to be. Hard, heavy and full of passion!

Since the start in 2006 and the final line-up change in 2008, Preach has been working hard to hone their craft. This hard work has resultedin several tours in Sweden, Germany and Finland and they have supported such acts as Degradead, Soulfallen and Obscura and in 2012 they went on the Swedish Metal Mayhem tour of eastern Europe together with Imber and Monoscream. This is further proof that they are a metal act that is to be reckoned with.

Over the years, Preach have also released 2 full-length demos ("Weight of This", 2008 and "Melt To Sand", 2009) and one EP record ("Path To Solace", 2010) all of them receiving good reviews.

A new album and a new sound is currently in the works and it looks like it will be recorded some time in early 2013.

Rest assured that Preach will not relent they are committed to continue to break new ground with their music.

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