Psalm4 makes their music plain. People in the audience dance. They clap. They sing. They are welcomed to take part in the music - to embrace music that is designed to move everyone with a beating heart. Combining their roots of Soul, R&B and Gospel, Psalm4 refresh their listeners with positive messages, rich harmonies, and world-class musicianship.

Prior to starting Psalm4, Andre de Lange, Paris Renita Gilbert, and Glen Scott had performed and recorded professionally for many years. Working with such artists as Chaka Khan, Mary J. Blige, Jonathan Butler, and Eric Bibb, inspired them to dream about having a group of their own - a dream that came true in 2003 after their first performance together.

Since then, Andre, Paris, and Glen have performed as a trio or with an additional five-piece band. Their first CD, "Psalms 4 The Peacemaker," was released in 2004.

I samarbete med:

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