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Rocket Overdrive was formed in late 2009 by Christopher and Andreas, and Michael on the doublebass.
First Andreas was supposed just to be a stand-in drummer in Chris and Mikes other band High-speed Generation.
But Chris and Andreas had talked before about starting a new rockabillyband with a little mordern touch.
And they felt now the times is right. And it was..

About 5-6 rehearsals later they recorded some songs on a tape (true old school!) that they sended to Patrik Staffansson at Enviken Records because when Chris told him about this new project he became interested and wanted to hear something as soon as possible. And he liked what he heard. And after just 10-15 rehearsals they started to record their first CD in his studio in Enviken. Without even have played together live!

But just like every band, they have to play live sometime!
After about a month after the start of the recording of the cd they booked their first live show. 8 hours of driving to Grand Hotell in the little town Strömsund in northern Sweden was their destination.

And I know I speak for the whole band, and the most people who was there, when I say that was probably the best premiér a band could have!

And this is just the begining of The tale of Rocket Overdrive

Rocket Overdrive is:
Mr. Chris Rocket - Guitar & Lead vocals
Mr. Mike Teardrop - Upright Bass & Backup vocals
Mr. Andy Eastwood - Drums & Backup vocals