Stockholmskretsen spelar bitvis röjig, bitvis melankolisk svensk indierock med euforiska känslor.
Det är mycket energi och känsla i såväl musiken som texterna och just texterna utspelar sig, som bandnamnet antyder, i uppväxtstaden Stockholm.

Stockholmskretsen was voted world's best band by themselves in 2015. Kind of a nice award, if you ask us.
With their massive libido and rock n' roll attitude, Adam (drums) & Ludde (bass) make up the rythm section of the band. Together, the two of them are so rythmically complex that not even the most avant-gardistic jazz band could wrap their fingers around the amount of talent split between the two. Unfortunately, because of popular demand, they've had to take it down a notch.
Sebbe, the lead singer, has a heart of gold and a voice that's milky smooth, but yet crisp like an autumn leaf. His guitar solos was the sole reason Gabriel fell down from heaven.
Like the mythical nymph, Katja's alluring looks and voice of an angel would make any human being loose track of the concept of time and space. Her keyboard once exploded because she rocked so hard.
Gustav mostly play the guitar. The only reason Jimi Hendrix is dead is because he once heard him play and went like: "My job here is done".
Stockholmskretsen hasn't been voted in to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame yet, but it is just a matter of time.

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