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Stoneload is a metal/thrash-metal band from Umeå, Sweden. The birth of Stoneload was in january 2012, but the band members has played together since 2009 in Blackout metal. It all started in 2008, when old time friends Tobias and Thomas met in a furniture store and decided to try to jam together.

Back then, Tobias was in another band called Bloated. But the urge for trying something new were to strong and the jam session with Thomas resulted with the birth of Blackout metal. Nitesh, also member in Bloated decided to follow Tobias and joined Blackout for the bass. For quite a long time, Blackout were trying a couple of singers but it would take until 2009 before Andreas joined for the vocals.

Band members are:
Andreas Wikström - Lead vocals
Nitesh Mistry - Bass & backing vocals
Tobias Oja - Drums
Thomas Isaksson - Guitar