Summoned Tide

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Summoned Tide
"Summoned Tide is one of the hottest newcomers from northern Sweden on the metal scene."
We will conquer the world! BUT ARE YOU READY FOR US??
Humble No more!!

Their own description about them self
In the year of 2004, a band called Summoned Tide washed ashore, and a new-season-epic metal band was born. From the northern woods of Sweden they came...bla bla bla.
Enough of this fancy intro, Summoned Tide consists of 5 members and our music style varies from progressive metal/ rock to erotic nature beats. Our goal is to spread our music all over the entire world/ universe...and to play at oversized stadiums of course!

Hard facts:
Started 2004 with this constellation
Rickard Thelin Vocal / Lead Guitar
Jennifer Sikström Vocal / Bass
Nicklas Åström Drums
Mikael Thelin 2nd Guitar
Jimi Toivanen Synth / Piano