Suss von Ahn & MusikerPoolen

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Suss von Ahn & MusikerPoolen
Suss von Ahn is a Swedish jazz singer- & songwriter.
She has been singing and playing the piano since she was ten years old. At the age of fifteen she started to write her own songs.

Her first choice of music was gospel and she has been performing a lot in Swedish churches. Now her music has developed into a smooth mix of jazz and pop.
Since her first album was released 1994 she has released a total of four albums in Scandinavia and two albums in Japan.

Some festivals that Suss von Ahn has been performing at:
Stockholm Jazz Festival
Umeå International Jazz Festival
Falun jazz- & Blues Festival

Suss von Ahn is also singing traditional jazz and some musicians she has been performing with on stage are: Jonas Knutsson, Andreas Pettersson, Bernt Egerbladh, Alf Häggkvist, Reidar Knudsen Trio.

Besides her singer- & songwriting she does a lot of backing vocals for other artists.
Here are some examples: Stockholm Stoner w Mats Ronander, Shirley Clamp, Christer Björkman (the French album), Karin Risberg, Henrik Wikström, After Dark, Bosson, Kayo, Sahlene, Fredrik Kempe, Blond.