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Swingfly is a rapper originally from NY who has been living in and out of Sweden. Hes a member of the band Blacknuss Allstars and is also touring as a guest artist with Teddybears STHLM. Hes the artist performing on their hit song Hey Boy.
Swingfly has also been cooperating with many other prominent artists, for example Ebbot from the critically acclaimed rock band Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Andreas Kleerup (With Every Heartbeat) and Robyn to name a few. The cooperation with Ebbot resulted in Swingfly*s latest hit song Winner which quickly became one of the most aired music videos in Scandinavia.

Hes currently working on his upcoming solo album together with producers/writers such as the Åhlund brothers (Teddybears STHLM, Caesars Palace, Britney Spears etc) , Andreas Kleerup (Robyn, Titiyo, Marit Bergman) and Thomas Rusiak (Mange Schmidt, Petter, Ken).

Swingflys music has also been featured in a lot of films, TV-series and adverts. Please find 10 of the most recent examples below:

Private Practise (Greys Anatomy spin off, worldwide)

FIFA Street 2 (EA Games, Worldwide)

One Tree Hill (USA)
Nascar (USA)
Fox Sports (USA)
TGI Fridays (USA)
Cingular Wireless (USA)
Tic-Tac (Eastern Europe)