The Domestic Bumblebees

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The Domestic Bumblebees
The Domestic Bumblebees is a fifties style Blues/rock’n’roll trio from Stockholm, Sweden, well known for their explosive, collar-soaking shows and diabolic instrument skills. The band was formed at a small club called “Jumpin’ The Cellar” in November 2004 by three members from the mighty fine Rhythm & Blues band Danny & The Cappers. It was supposed to be one gig only but the audience went crazy and the guys had so much fun that they decided to keep on buzzin’.

The band has played with artists like:
Howlin’ Pelle (The Hives, SWE),
Li’l Gizzelle (US),
Johnny Powers (US),
Little Victor (US),
Omar Romero (US),
Dusty Chance (US),
Ruby Ann (Portugal),
Randy Rich (GER),
Sven Zetterberg (SWE),
Greger “Knock-Out Greg” Anderson (SWE),
Boppin’ Steve (SWE),
Mike Barbwire (SWE),
Peter Sandberg (The Go-Getters, SWE),
Harmonica Sam (SWE),
Marino Valle (SWE)
Ubbe Rydeslätt from (Nosey Joe & The Pool kings, SWE),
Mats Lindberg and Janne Lindén (Tough Enuff, SWE).
The first record “Domestic Bumblebees” came out in 2006 on Enviken Records and was followed by “Break up bop” on the same label in 2007.

The band members
Daniel Kordelius: Guitar and lead vocals
Johan Svensson: Drums and backing vocals
Tobias Einestad: Double bass, guitar and backing vocals