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Crimson drummer Pat Mastelotto joins The Flower Kings for tour 27th September 2007
The Flower Kings will tour most of Europe this november and have the now legendary drumming progrock icon Pat Mastelotto behind the drumkit. Pat Mastelotto, an American that once had big US and worldwide hits with Mr. Mister and later on played on many pop albums including XTC, The Rembrants etc. but since the early 90s is most know for his pioneering work with heavy beats and drum electronica, most significant in King Crimson. Pat also keep busy with side projects together with stickmasters Trey Gunn and Marcus Reuter such as Tuner, Mastica, MP TU, KTU etc.

The Flower Kings will play most of the new album and most certainly some older fan favourites plus the odd jam that is made out of thin air, different every night.

The Rest of the band is:

Hasse Froberg: Voice & guitars
Tomas Bodin: Keyboards
Jonas Reingold: Bass & voice
All led by Roine Stolt: leadguitar & voice