The Mammuthus

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The Mammuthus
Sweden’s best kept secret The Mammuthus now
raise their tusks, shake the frost out of their
beards and hit the land with the mighty album
Forever Tree. Nine brand new tracks that will
grow roots in your mind and spread warmth in
your rock n roll soul.
If you’re into stonerish, melodic riffs, bluesy
hooks and enjoy some thrilling echoes of 70’s
rock and 90’s grunge you should let The
Mammuthus lead your way into their cave.
Forever Tree is the Mammuthus first full length
album preceded by two Ep’s: Khatanga (2015)
and The Herd is gathering (2016). All cover art
on Forever Tree is drawn by hand by Swedish
artist Per ’Hockey’ Roslund.

The lyrics of the Mammuthus stand out of the
average rock poetry. The title track tells the
story about a man who climbs the Forever Tree
that slowly takes over his body and soul - he
becomes one with the tree, a not all unpleasant
In Herring King the new ruler comes from the
sea to set things straight, Gizmo deals with our
raging consumption and sets some kind of
rhyming record and Line Twelve is about the
Gothenburg tram line 12 that doesn’t exist...until
now. Get ready to dive into the mind of the