Timo Diablo

His tracks have climbed very high on the Scandinavian deejay charts and other heavy rotation list all over the globe. One of his tracks, Shockwave, is now on more than 90 different albums on the net.

And the latest track called PARTYLINE has now hit the dance floors with full power around whole Scandinavia (peak as nr 9 at the Swedish dance chart) before lots of superstars and other djs. Partyline has hit the Baltic, Dutch, German clubs to and its now on its way to Kanada and USA.

Partyline is also on more than 45 albums all over the globe. In Sweden you can find Partyline at Absolute Dance Summer 2009, Swedens most sold album this summer.
Watch out for the forthcoming summer hit Summerline, the remix version of Partyline.

This summer Dj Timo will launce 2 super strong hits, We are the Phycofans and the forthcoming celebration track to Michael Jackson: Michael Jackson is DEAD!!!!..this new controversially track will shake the foundations all over the world.

DJ Timo who has played at more than 550 different clubs/venues nationwide, is also a club owner in the southern part of Swedenthe DJ Timo story still has a long way to go!

Dj Timo also recognised as one of Swedens best DJ´s according to thousands and thousands of screaming happy people..so if you want your club go crazy then you know what to do...


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