To Dust

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To Dust
We are a Metal band from Lund, Sweden. Our music usually falls under the category Melodic Death Metal. The band has played together for almost 10 years with different names and members. The current lineup has played together for about three years and we are constantly progressing and trying to make interesting and melodic metal!

Long Bio: To Dust usually define their music as melodic death metal. Their lyrics are almost always in English, however one song from the debut album State of Nothing, that was released earlier 2012, had one song with Swedish lyrics. That song has gotten a lot of praise from close friends and fans of the band which has led to more lyrics written in Swedish. The debut album was recorded and mixed in Studio Bengt in central Lund and has gotten good reviews so far, for example 9/10 from the Swedish online magazine "".

The band has many different sources of influence; some might be more obvious than others. By listening to the music one could guess that Entombed, Opeth, Soilwork, Dark Tranquililty, The Haunted, At the Gates and early In Flames have all had a significant impact. These older brothers are all legends in the eyes of To Dust and are a source of both pride and ambition. To Dust aspire to one day be as important for the next generation of Nordic metal bands as the above mentioned have been for To Dust.

It all began as a few friends trying to make music together when they were about 15. Everyone except Fredrik went to the same school when they were younger and are even born in the same year, 1987. Members still in the band since then are Emil and Daniel, who were in the same class back then. Emils contribution to the band was, and still is, his never ending riff-composing and great songwriting skill. Daniel writes the lyrics and gives his all to entertain every crowd! Sakis joined the band first of the other current members, a gifted guitarist with a good understanding for scales, melodies and overall musical theory. Andreas and Jens were in a parallel class and played together in another band. They however could not find a strong enough candidate to hold the microphone and hence their band was disbanded after a long period of searching. These two bands competed for years and pushed the members to be as good and innovative as possible.

It is always hard to find a talented vocalist. In metal one could argue that a good strong growl is paramount. Fredriks story differs a bit from the others. The band had struggled with a temporary solution for a few years when they decided to search social forums after a person with a unique skillset. They got contacted by a guy two years younger who happened to have just the right talent and after a short audition he became a member. Fredrik can scream and growl like the best of them and proves it on a regular basis. Fredrik is not originally from Lund, where all the other members of the band were raised and currently live, but from Linköping.
Andreas joined the band 2009 as a replacement to the former drummer, a friend of Emil, Daniel and Sakis. The band needed somebody who could keep a steady beat and keep time to help the band progress. They found a technical and motivated drummer who did just that. At this time the band became more driven and started playing more live shows. The band was no longer just a group of friends but now had a clear goal.

When To Dusts previous bass player left because of his newborn son, the obvious solution was to once again unite Andreas with his friend and former band member, Jens. This time wielding a bass instead of a guitar, a transition Jens had been working on for a few years. The two competing bands from the early days had now finally become united. A unit that together is a force to be reckoned with!