Originally known as Reactor they relied heavily on distortion and an industrial sound. But during the early years there was a Metamorphosis of sound where industrial noise eventually had to surrender to the dark and expressive melodies and vocals of Undecimber today.

The early productions was an extreme industrial rush where solid state distortion on every possible output became the signature. T
he sound changed in the progress of making music later on, giving more room for melody and actual song. As the sound was refined Reactor tried to withdraw the first demo "Negotiate This" in vane, and in laughter. The music was out there for every poor noise junkie.

The sound today is still carrying industrial influences. Guitars are, and always will be, the main theme in the music. Down pitched guitars and haunting lyrics; the fundamentals of the characteristic sound of Undecimber. The compelling combination of goth, electro and metal is the key to the music.

I samarbete med:

United Stage, Live Nation, 2Entertain, Blixten & Co, MLP m.fl.