What Tomorrow Brings

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What Tomorrow Brings
What Tomorrow Brings is a alternative rock/metal band from Falkenberg, Sweden, formed in 2008.The band has released three Eps, done numerous liveshows and also participated on a split cd from american label GoDIY Records.

The current line-up is:
Christoffer Andersson Growl and Guitars
Kristoffer Bäcklund Vocals
Kristoffer Karlsson Drums
Fredrik Strandquist Guitars
Mikael Ohlsson - Bass

The first pieces of the W.T.B puzzle were put in place when Christoffer Andersson (former growler of By Night and DDZ) decided to step away from the microphone and concentrate on the guitar.He teamed up with childhood buddies Kristoffer Karlsson (drums), Per Bengtsson (bass) and Daniel Jenssen (guitar). A couple of songs were recorded but the lack of a singer was in dire need to be adjusted.They had a couple of tryouts, but no one really matched as their lead singer.Thanks to Mikael M (a local studio technician and also a friend of the band) they got in contact with Kristoffer Bäcklund (former drummer of Sonic Syndicate) and the audition was a success. Now the pieces seemed to fall into place, but unfortunately Daniel had to go separate ways from the band.They were once again down to a four piece orchestra and began to write new songs.The first three songs were caught on a shitty demo tape which reached guitarist Fredrik Strandquist, who liked what he heard and joined forces. This was in April 2008.A fourth song was written and the collaboration was a smash.The band was complete.

Just a week later W.T.B made their live debut, and some months after that the recording of Forever starts tomorrow was a fact.The EP, containing As you, Far away from you, To be and This time, was released in late 2008 and received with open arms by the crowds.A couple of months of live shows and music creativity passed and in the summer of 2009 a confident W.T.B entered the studio again.Just as with the first EP the recordings took place at Old Pharmacy Studios in Ullared with Mikael M as technician, and ones again it was four songs that were about to be recorded. But during the process an acoustic version of the ballad Dont let go took form, and this fifth track was recorded under the name of Dont let go (The Breakdown).An intro, which the band uses as an opener for their live shows, was also added.The new EP was named This you owe me and reached the crowds in october.
The following year was very turbulent for all the members. Everybody went through big personal problems and changes.Not least Christoffer Andersson who took a huge step not only for himself but the entire band when he went for a six month re-hab period due to his alcoholism. Despite the dark clouds and adversities the band kept growing and by autumn 2010 they felt the urge to record three new songs. At the same time Christoffer was asked to replace growler Richard Sjunnesson on Sonic Syndicates upcoming Europe tour, and accepted this request. The recordings proceeded as planned, but the release of the new EP named Nothing, Nothing, Nothing was postponed to Christoffers homecoming by mid-December.

The summer of 2011 was kind of a struggle.Few gigs were made due to lack of time and energy, writer's block caused irritation, and by August an even bigger setback came when bassist Per Bengtsson announced that he'd lost his musical motivation and thus decided to move on.Dialogue and anguish. Frustration and long hours. Finally the band decided to give it a go anyways. Leave the bass to stand-ins till the right guy shows up and instead focusing on getting back on track.

New songs are being written and some live shows are booked in.

As for the rest;
You never know what tomorrow brings.