Zero Illusions

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Zero Illusions
Zero Illusions - Biography
The band was formed in 2004 and has since made an impression in the Swedish Metal Community as a strong live act with gigs on major festivals (Metaltown, Sweden Rock and Rockhimlen) as well as on the smaller club scenes.

Zero Illusions was called a new Swedish hope in Sweden Rock Magazine when they released Enter Eternity (2008 ZI Productions/Sound Pollution). References such as Dream Theater, Saxon and Iron Maiden are often mentioned in reviews.

The music are best described as Uriah Heep in shiny Metal Armour, and consists of a mix of influences from early 70's and in to the present. With odd time signatures, heavy guitar riffs, melodic vocals and strong choruses Zero Illusions claims their own place in the progressive genre. With the release of Oblivion, the band now aims to reach a wider audience without compromising with the already paved path.

Prologue to Eternity (2007 EP ZI Productions/CD Baby)
Enter Eternity (sc 2008 - eu 2009 ZI Productions/Sound Pollution)
Oblivion (sc 4/3 2011 world 13/5 2011 ZI Productions/Sound Pollution)